Bahasa Malaysia


Customer Service – Assist your Malaysian-speaking customers without lingual or cultural restrictions by delivering customer service in the language they feel most comfortable to use. The staff we hire are native speakers of the Malaysian language and are trained following strict industry benchmarks to ensure that they can gain the customers’ trust and confidence, which are crucial in solving their problems.

Technical Support – Make sure that the technical instruction you give can be completely understood by your customers by delivering it in the language that they are native to. Our tech support agents, who are also proficient in Bahasa Malaysia, possess excellent skills in breaking down complex manuals for your customers so that solutions are not only precise, but also delivered with courtesy.


Live Chat – Multichannel your customer support unit by outsourcing our Live Chat services. Doing so will grant your customers the convenience of getting quick assistance without increasing your call volume. This solution also has features for simultaneous chat sessions with multiple customers, making it a cost-efficient tool on your end and a convenient communication channel in the customers’ view.

Email – Customers can take time in understanding the solutions to the product issues they have if you answer them via email. Outsource our Email Support solution to know how this web-based tool can increase your team’s first contact resolution and accuracy. With this in place, you widen your contacting options and make your brand more accessible to the public.