Bahasa Indonesia


Customer Service – Assist customers without lingual or cultural limits through our Inbound Customer Service solutions. Our call center agents natively speak the Indonesian language. This means that we can instantly build rapport with callers, which is needed in providing a complete customer experience and defining customer satisfaction.

Technical Support – Give seamless customer support by delivering complex technical instructions in the language that your Indonesian customers can perfectly understand. Our tech support agents are trained and managed under world-class tech support outsourcing practices to ensure that they don’t only relay comprehendible solutions, but also treat customers with patience and utmost care.



Live Chat – Gain a competitive edge over other companies in your industry by outsourcing Live Chat support services. Doing so enables your customers to get quick answers to minor problems without having to wait for a phone agent to become available. Live Chat is also considerably cheaper and more efficient because of its capability to assist multiple customers in one chat session, thus enabling you to cut costs while offering convenient contact options to your customers.

Email – Outsourcing Email Support makes your brand more accessible by widening the points of contact your customers can use to reach you. Fixing customer problems via email also gives a higher assurance of accuracy and first contact resolution; with this, agents can explain solutions in full detail, and messages can be saved for future use so that instances of contacting support for clarifications can be lessened.