Why your bilingual call center must have a customer service roadmap

There are many things that any business must consider before outsourcing to a bilingual call center—from technical aspects to the qualifications of the people who will take care of customers. They must not only possess the best communication tools; they should be able to communicate with your Bahasa-speaking customers well.


Firms with an established history are the ones that will most likely be shortlisted, as their track record can prove their ability to sustain business relationships and deliver goals. But more than your prospects’ past, how they plan their future can give you a peek at how your partnership with them will turn out down the road.

Business roadmaps should be staple in every company. You could have one for your technical assets, range of products, or even your recovery period should disasters strike. When looking for ideal organizations that provide customer support solutions, it would definitely be a plus to partner with one that has a customer service roadmap ready.

With a set of long-term goals and a clear vision of how success should take shape, you could make sound decisions when you’re faced with the following challenges.


1.     Widening international reach


Language is not the only concern that businesses must address when they cater to Bahasa speakers. As the language concentrates in multiple Asian nations (plus other parts of the world), your provider must be able to cope with time and culture differences. See if sustaining 24/7 support is part of their roadmap or if they hire native speakers to bridge lingual gaps.


2.     Multi-channeling support platforms


You may only need call center services right now, but there may come a time when you need to address your market’s demand for additional points of contact. If your outsourcing partner plans on keeping you, their business strategy should outline how they will be able to carry out assistance through web-based or mobile channels.


3.     Tiering support teams


As your business expands, your customer service should grow along with you. Your original three-member customer care team may no longer be able to attend to your doubled-up consumer base. Hence, your offshore partner should be ready to double up as well or segment its team as growth requires.


4.     System integration


In line with multi-channeling and tiering your customer service, you may need to integrate new systems with your existing ones to streamline your operations. Integration means more than just ensuring that different tools work together; it should also ensure that your technical assets will bring out the highest level of efficiency from your people.


A customer service roadmap can give you a concrete idea of how you plan on improving the service and assistance you deliver. It’s therefore a good sign if the bilingual call center that handles your customers has this as part of its overall business strategy.



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