Why nearshoring to bilingual call centers is a good choice

Nearshoring is becoming a smarter alternative than offshoring, as it practically offers the same benefits as the latter but with added advantages. In essence, nearshoring is business process outsourcing but it’s limited to companies located in a nearby country. This makes nearshoring a more popular choice for basically any type of industry—customer service, IT, healthcare, and others.

For business leaders looking for Bahasa-speaking professionals, nearshoring to bilingual call centers in a neighboring country is a good alternative. Nearshoring has the potential to expand your operations while improving upon your existing business practices. Aside from these benefits, below are some of the main reasons why it’s a good business move.

1.     It’s easier to communicate with your nearshoring partner.


Since nearshoring is exclusive for areas bordering your company’s location, it becomes easier to contact your service providers. Distance and time gaps are minimized, making it easier to conduct meetings. And in case of urgent situations, you can speed up the brainstorming process and problem resolution to restore smooth transactions. All in all, these geographic and time benefits point to increased productivity and innovation in the workplace.

2.     You work with people from a relatively similar culture.

Cultural differences can be a cause of conflict for many organizations involved in business process outsourcing because of differing values, business ethics, and ways of communication. But in nearshoring, it’s likely that your outsourcing partner has cultural practices and traditions similar to yours. This makes it possible to define priorities and set goals together, as you espouse the same cultural values and business outlook.

3.     The costs will be reasonable and fair.

If you plan to nearshore your services to bilingual call centers, it’s likely that they are thriving in an economy that is closely similar to your economic niche. Therefore, the costs of investing in there would be fair and affordable. Neighboring countries also tend to be more open and friendly toward investments coming from the same region, so expect your venture to be warmly accepted. Also, because it’s easier to travel and communicate with your nearshoring partner, transportation and communication costs will also be minimized.

The possibilities of outsourcing are limitless, and nearshoring can take your business even farther. It can help you tackle a competitive market, create sustainable business partnerships, and widen your clout.



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