Why bilingual call center agents must be tech-savvy

Bilingual contact centers have long been relying on technology to deliver exemplary customer service. They use tech tools such as CRM and data analytics software to enhance the customer experience, personalize their services, and cater to consumers’ demands. Automation tools have also made previously laborious processes much more manageable.

Therefore, when hiring bilingual call center agents, even the most basic tech skills must be listed among your qualifications. This is because agents are expected to handle multichannel platforms, such as live chat, e-mail, social media, SMS, and the phone.

Agents with a tech background are better poised to adapt to a tech-driven and fast-paced work environment. They also learn faster and are generally easier to train, as they already have a basic or intermediate understanding of tech trends.

Tech-savvy agents can contribute significantly to your contact center’s goals. Here are their salient characteristics.


1.     They’re more flexible and adaptable.

customer service team in bilingual call center

Agents who are knowledgeable on technology tend to be adaptable, since they can easily learn how to operate new gadgets with minimal help. Thus, when undergoing training, they’ll be able to grasp technical concepts more quickly. Of course, they’re also more likely to know when to apply these during customer interactions. Plus, they’re not easily intimidated by advanced software or processes.


2.     They’re enthusiastic when it comes to tech.

delighted asian bilingual call center agent doing excellent hand gestures

Tech-savvy agents take the initiative in learning new tech trends, processes, or tools, whether for personal or professional reasons. So you don’t need to constantly guide or monitor them. Because of their enthusiasm when it comes to technology, these agents strive to learn independently and use their new knowledge when necessary.


3.     They’re more efficient and productive.

culturally diverse bilingual call center workers busy at work

Proficiency in modern technology leads to efficiency in the workplace. When agents understand the full capabilities of a tool, they can find easier ways to execute even the most labor-intensive call center processes. This allows your organization to save a lot of time, letting you handle more tasks and functions within a work day.


4.     They’re great problem solvers.

smart bilingual call center agent lifting glasses

When agents have a strong grasp of the technologies, knowledge resources, and strategies you use, they’ll be able to make better customer service decisions. They’ll know which tools must be used to find the right information or solve a client’s issue. In addition, they’ll also be able to help customers through tech-related problems, if any. All these make them effective contact center agents.



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