Shoutout to brand managers:
Listen to customer calls

With the amount of tasks thrown at their desks, brand managers sometimes forget that they need to be actively involved in improving customer service. Typically, they focus on generating new ideas and developing new products. Thus, without meaning to, managers tend to pay less attention on fostering sustainable customer relationships.

Building lasting connections with customers can boost product sales and ensure the company’s longevity. This is especially applicable to brands that are marketing to a diverse sector, such as the Bahasa-speaking population. Without full involvement in the implementation of your bilingual call center strategy, it’s impossible to devise effective ways to connect with your target consumers.

Managers and business owners alike can take an active role in customer service management by listening to customer calls. This will allow you to look deeper into how your brand forms relationships with your clientele. Below are the four benefits of listening to customer calls.


1.     View your customers from a different perspective.


Those at the top management may fall into the trap of focusing too much on product development without understanding what their target customers want.

Listening to customer calls is a reminder for brand managers to think outside the four corners of the office. This way, they’ll be able to incorporate their customers’ preferences into all customer service decisions they’ll be making.


2.     Identify where problems are coming from.

Identifying why customers are approaching your brand representatives will allow you to create a strategy to lessen, and even eliminate, the issues that they experience. More importantly, this will also allow you to identify recurring problems. This is useful not only for improving your customer service strategy but also for making product developments.


3.     Energize your bilingual team.


We all know that good managers lead by example. Call center agents experience a lot of pressure when it comes to delivering a pleasurable customer experience. For them, seeing managers participating in customer service activities is a great source of motivation and energy. It will give them a sense of accountability and make them realize that the work they do has direct impacts to the company.


4.     Come up with new customer service strategies.

From time to time, you need to implement new call center strategies to update irrelevant practices and make the necessary changes to improve customer care. By listening to customer calls, you’ll gain insights that you can use to drive your bilingual call center team to the direction it must take.



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