3 Essential call center training tips for brand managers

After you’ve gone through the rigorous process of choosing a bilingual call center, training your outsourced staff is the next step. Unfortunately, most managers make the mistake of not being involved in a call center’s customer service training program. But in reality, taking an active role in call center training is the best way to ensure that your team can deliver the customer experience that’s unique to your brand. Read more

Rethinking your call center strategy for better results

Reviewing your company situation, identifying gaps, and proposing solutions to existing issues can bring your firm closer to success. In other words, constant monitoring and evaluation will help you determine your company standing as you position your entire organization within a specific market niche. Every time you evaluate your performance, you can set bigger objectives to push your business forward even further. Read more

Why nearshoring to bilingual call centers is a good choice

Nearshoring is becoming a smarter alternative than offshoring, as it practically offers the same benefits as the latter but with added advantages. In essence, nearshoring is business process outsourcing but it’s limited to companies located in a nearby country. This makes nearshoring a more popular choice for basically any type of industry—customer service, IT, healthcare, and others. Read more

3 Basic work environment features your call center must have


A healthy, satisfying, and empowering call center work environment is essential to your customer service representatives. When employees are genuinely happy with their company’s policies, benefits, and compensations, you can expect low attrition and high employee satisfaction rates. This is why in planning to outsource to a call center, it’s vital to look into some features that can ensure long-term satisfaction and loyalty of the frontline employees.

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Building a healthy business relationship with your offshore partner

Collaborating with an outsourcing firm overseas requires time and effort to ensure that every action will bring your company closer to achieving goals. Coordination and communication are needed from both parties to create a powerhouse that can bring in more customers and drive sales. In order to achieve this, a healthy business relationship must always exist between the two parties. Read more