How brainstorming can improve your bilingual call center

Not all problems have obvious solutions. Resolving some issues requires careful deliberation, while others can be solved through a bit of improvising. While you can solve problems spontaneously, doing so can be exhausting and needlessly stressful later on. Plus, this practice may also lessen efficiency in the contact center.

Alternatively, you can adopt a more proactive problem solving approach. Together with your employees, anticipate issues that may arise and pool their ideas on how to solve them, rather than blindly moving forward. This is where brainstorming comes in.

The art of idea generation

Brainstorming is a popular and powerful idea generation tool. An intensive group discussion aimed to produce as many ideas as possible, it will help you come up with new solutions, answers, or plans. During these sessions, all suggestions are welcome, whether they sound weird or not.

light bulbs representing brainstorming with one bright idea standing out

Thus, in a sense, this group activity can also be used as a way to calibrate your bilingual call center processes, as it presents a chance for your team to collate ideas from each other. You may talk about what works efficiently and what must be changed to improve your performance.

There are some people who think brainstorming is ineffective. Their reasoning is that since traditional brainstorming only revolves around ideas, it doesn’t actually solve issues. There’s also a chance that others may be discouraged to share their ideas once a good one is said. Most importantly, brainstorming is dependent on the people who are involved in the process. No good idea will come out if every person doesn’t take it seriously or if the discussion deviates from the main topic.

It should be noted, though, that brainstorming is only a part of the creative thinking process. All ideas gathered during the process are all tentative ones. Once the list is finalized—meaning you’ve assessed the ideas and have chosen the best—then the real deliberation begins.

Brainstorming and the call center

asian business team brainstorming

This idea generation tool can help hone your contact center agents’ critical thinking. It makes everyone open their minds to possibilities and solutions.

There’s also the collaborative experience that comes with brainstorming. During such sessions, your employees contribute in creating viable solutions for your customers. It becomes a team-building effort because it allows employees to learn more about each other—how they communicate and how they view a problem. It gives them a voice and lets them air out their opinions and insights.

Lastly, through brainstorming, new ideas and creative solutions are made. Agents may share insights they gained from customer interactions, and these can give you (and others on the team) a different point of view. Who knows, these sentiments may encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to improving customer service.



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