Do hotels and restaurants need Bahasa call center services?

Bahasa-speaking countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are popular tourist destinations. People from all over the world flock their shores, temples, and other must-see spots all year round to experience the culture and beauty of Asia. For the undeniable attractiveness of these Bahasa countries, their tourism industry—as well as hospitality sector—is bustling and alive.

Businesses with too much on their hands seek help from third-party service providers who can take over non-core processes like customer service. But can hotels and restaurants benefit from outsourcing, knowing that their services entail physical presence?

Yes, an offsite team can deliver hospitality to guests through the following solutions that the hospitality industry can outsource:


•     Bilingual call center and online support services


Hotels can answer questions sent any time of the day from anywhere in the world if they have a multilingual customer service team manning the phone, email, and live chat 24/7. This gives your foreign guests a positive impression about your business, knowing that you provide contacting options and ready assistance to any nationality.


•     Reception services


While your front desk attendant entertains in-person customers, you can have an offshore staff answering and routing calls from inquirers. With this setup in place, guests won’t have to wait for a long time to be served, whether they call or show up at the lobby.


•     Booking and reservation services


Outsourcing firms that offer multi-channeled customer service can take part in handling booking and reservation duties. They could give guests the option to transact over your online channels or get quick answers about reservations and room availability. For modern customers, this convenience is the definition of high quality customer service.


Outsourcing firms can help restaurateurs and hoteliers reduce costs and improve the quality of their services. Technological innovations are redefining customer support, even in industries where it requires constant presence. By having digital extensions of your service, you make yourself more accessible, which ultimately boosts loyalty and satisfaction among customers.



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