How every Bahasa call center gauge customer satisfaction

Each bilingual call center can have numerous ways to measure customer satisfaction, but there’s one method that’s not only a reliable source of customer feedback but also acts as an initial step towards service improvements. And that method is conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

A customer satisfaction survey program has to be strategically created in order for it to produce accurate and actionable results. You can’t simply ask respondents to rate their happiness using a scale of one to 10; there are things that you must consider and accomplish for to make your survey successful. Here are those key steps:


1.     Set objectives


The first step in making any survey is pinpointing what you really want to measure and its importance to your business. Without any clear purpose, your survey will lose direction, cohesion of content, or both. Your objective, however, should be attainable and comprehensive. Know what you want to learn from the questions you and how the data you will collect can become valuable to your services.

Try revolving your goals around these areas to make precise evaluations:

  • Satisfaction over products or services
  • Quality of customer experience
  • Level of customer service
  • Sales support efficiency


2.     Be proactive


A survey is not exclusively meant as a way of reacting to undesirable customer experiences; it should ideally be conducted before a customer service disaster happens. Instead of being reactive, anticipate possible problems using your survey so that you can act on the areas of concern as early as possible.


3.     Schedule your questions


Surveys should be done on a regular basis, following a definite schedule that you must follow. The schedule can vary from industry to industry, company to company. Depending on your operation hours or nature of business, you can conduct surveys monthly or only when you launch a new product.

No matter what interval you choose, survey forms should be crafted ahead of time and tested on a sample group before they get sent to real customers.


If strategized well, your customer satisfaction surveys can help shape your brand into a customer-centric company because it lets you base your next moves on the demands of the very people who make your business flourish. It’s not enough that you listen to your customers’ opinions. What matters more is what you do with what they say.



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