5 Ways to reward your outsourced call center agents

Often, brand owners who outsource customer service feel distant from their frontline employees, especially if they don’t regularly interact with one another directly. A good way to bridge this gap is to create and implement an employee incentive program that recognizes top performers.

There are plenty of advantages that brand managers can gain from rewarding their outsourced agents. For one thing, this heightens employee engagement and boosts call center productivity. Another is that it strengthens rapport between an outsourcing company and the brand they represent, leading to a much more harmonious professional relationship.

Aside from the usual incentives like tokens, food, and bonus pay, here are some unique and simple ways to reward your best agents.


1.     Reach out to them directly.


If you take the time to talk to your agents directly instead of channeling your compliments through the team leader or manager, they’d get the feeling that you truly value them. It doesn’t take much effort to call them via Skype or send them a personal email. These simple acts assure employees that they’re an important asset of the company and that their contributions do matter.


2.     Take them to your office.


Another way to reward your outsourced call center agents is to tour them around your own facilities. You must keep in mind that even though they’re officially employed by a third-party provider, they’re working hard to create a good impression among your customers. As such, they deserve to feel like they’re truly part of your organization. Showing them your office, introducing them to your in-house staff, and inviting them to company functions are great ways to do so.


3.     Recognize them on social media.


Social media can be a great tool for employee engagement, since it will let you interact with your outsourced staff in a more relaxed setting. Employee recognition on social media is a great way to show your agents that you appreciate their hard work. To make it more fun, you can even personalize your congratulatory message using photos, GIFs, or videos.


4.     Give them extra vacation days.


The high attrition rate in contact centers is often caused by employee burnout. It may be due to the nature of the job itself, which is often monotonous. To prevent this from happening, why not reward your outsourced staff with additional vacation days? If you have the budget for it, you may even offer to pay for their travel fare or accommodations.


5.     Provide them opportunities for growth.


If you see a lot of potential among your team, don’t let them waste it. Take the initiative to give them opportunities to harness their customer service skills. You may look for external training programs that can help them become even better at their job or talk to their team leader about the possibility of a promotion. As a form of employee recognition, these acts can both motivate and challenge your staff, and they’ll thank you for it through exemplary performance.



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