5 Tips for successfully implementing customer self-service

Customer self-service is increasingly becoming popular form of customer support. With the Internet accessible from the palm of one’s hand, consumers can look up solutions for their service problems or purchase products—without having to dial a number. Customers see self-help channels as time-savers, with calling the contact centers a chore.

Implementing self-help initiatives for your call center might sound easy to do, but there are many things to consider before directing your customers to your self-help portal. Here are five helpful ideas you can use to successfully implement your customer self-service.


1.     Self-service should be easy to use

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Make your self-service portal simple and inviting. Arrange everything in a logical and organized manner so customers can readily access frequently asked questions and other common concerns. For example, take a look at Netflix’s Help Center. This knowledge base has a clean design, where the most common issues and questions are presented. It also has a search function, should a customer’s issue be uncommon.


2.     Enhance self-service with visuals

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Veer away from the typical text-form self-service and consider using images and video. These visual aids can help your customers on various concerns by showing what would they do instead of just reading or hearing it. Several self-help websites like wikiHow and Instructables use visuals to get their point across.


3.     Continually update the self-service channel

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As time goes by, your customers will encounter new problems with your products and services. Regularly updating your self-service channel keeps your information current. This also help your become your customers’ trusted resource when it comes to your products. Knowledge bases and help centers need to be kept up-to-date constantly as new product lineups are produced and customer issues and arise.


4.     Provide an option to escalate an issue

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Make your self-service channel an option for your customers, not just THE only way to solve their issues. Give your customers a choice to shift to live agents if self-service didn’t resolve their concerns. If you look again at Netflix’s Help Center, you can also contact a live agent via Live Chat, which shows a waiting time, or by calling via Internet through the Netflix mobile app.


5.     Remain consistent in delivering great customer experience

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No matter which channel a customer prefers, even in customer self-service, delivering a great customer experience should remain a priority. A comprehensive and easy-to-follow self-help portal does wonders for those who access it. Better yet, don’t forget to gather customer feedback to further improve your self-service initiative.


The most important thing in developing a customer self-service strategy is that you understand why you’re developing it and that you’ve mapped every step to take in order to implement it. It’s not just to help your agents prioritize those who have more pressing concerns. It’s about empowering your customers with the knowledge to solve the problems on their own. With customers using call centers as their last resort, it saves valuable time for both you and your clients.



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