5 Call center outsourcing mistakes you must avoid

We’re in the age of outsourcing, a time when almost every company, be it a startup or a large conglomerate, has some of its functions done in a remote location. Entrepreneurs recognize outsourcing as an approach that could help them grow more rapidly.

As a management and employment approach, outsourcing provides brand managers a quick path to success. It reduces operating costs and equips organizations with a large talent pool consisting of professionals from all over the world. However, if you’re not careful enough, costly outsourcing mistakes can lead to a massive failure.

If you’re thinking of partnering with a call center and other types of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, here are the top five mistakes you can’t afford to make.


1.     Poor management


Many brand managers struggle to find the balance between managing their remote employees and letting them handle things on their own. The golden rule in outsourcing is you should never over-manage your outsourced team but at the same time, you shouldn’t expect them to take things into their own hands. It can be tough to reconcile these two considerations. Thus most companies decide to hire managers who are experienced in handling an outsourced team.


2.     Culture and language mismatch


If you want to transfer your customer services to an external provider, you should carefully consider the culture and language of your target market. Hiring a bilingual call center is probably the best solution if you’re trying to reach non-English-speaking consumers. Make sure that your outsourced team can smoothly adapt to the unique preferences of your target market.


3.     Too much cost-cutting


You’re right in thinking that outsourcing will allow you to save money, since many BPO companies offer very affordable solutions. However, you should also reward your team sufficiently so they’ll feel appreciated. Happy employees—whether they’re freelance or remote workers—produce far better results than unhappy ones.


4.     Outsourcing too many tasks


By taking some tasks off your to-do list, outsourcing will allow you to focus on the company’s core functions. Focusing on what you do best will allow you to keep your brand’s identity intact. On the other hand, outsourcing tasks that are better done in-house can lead to management chaos. Ideally, you should only outsource tasks that have quantifiable deliverables, are easy to describe, and can be monitored from a distance.


5.     Not investing on employees’ growth


Treat your call center team like how you’d treat your in-house employees. Focus on providing them learning opportunities in order to encourage them to grow. This way, they can continue to elevate their performance one level higher each time.



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