3 Essential call center training tips for brand managers

After you’ve gone through the rigorous process of choosing a bilingual call center, training your outsourced staff is the next step. Unfortunately, most managers make the mistake of not being involved in a call center’s customer service training program. But in reality, taking an active role in call center training is the best way to ensure that your team can deliver the customer experience that’s unique to your brand.

If you’re new to the outsourcing scene, you may be thinking that devising a training program is quite challenging. To make this task easier, we compiled below three essential tips for training your bilingual agents.


1.     Clearly explain your brand’s unique value.


There is often a disconnect between brands and their outsourced staff mainly because of lack of communication, especially about the things that really matter. In the customer service industry, your brand representatives must have a crystal-clear understanding about who your brand is, the people it serves, and what sets it apart from the competition.

Having this kind of understanding allows agents to consciously and proudly carry the name of the brand they’re representing. This way, they can easily find ways to demonstrate a brand’s unique selling points to the customer they’re talking to. Thus, your brand becomes more memorable to customers.


2.     Tell agents why their job matters.


There’s no need to sugarcoat the fact that the outsourcing industry is plagued with high attrition rates. One of the factors that push call center agents into leaving their company is that they don’t feel like their job is important or that they’re contributing something significant to the growth of the firm.

You can change this simply by telling your agents why their job matters. Doing this right at the start of the call center training phase induces a sense of purpose and fulfillment. This will encourage your agents to do a great job, keep customers happy, and stay with the company.


3.     Emphasize the value of qualitative call center metrics.


Customer satisfaction is measured in many ways, including quantitative and qualitative ones. But do you know which among these two metrics stress out your agents more? It’s the quantitative ones.

Although quantitative metrics of customer satisfaction are useful, the customer service landscape is now changing in a way that favors qualitative metrics. Average handling time, conversion rates, and other number-based metrics aren’t always reliable. Deciding that your agent performed poorly based on the length of a phone call is not always logical. On the other hand, looking at an agents’ qualitative skills such as product knowledge, courtesy, and conversation style will tell you more about their ability to make customers happy.



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