3 Basic actions that customers expect from an outsourced call center

Providing excellent customer service is the goal of every outsourced call center. Since it solely focuses on clients, customer expectations on the firm tend to be high. People who turn to phone representatives expect issues to be fully resolved and requests to be processed on time.

As a general rule, contact centers must ensure that their customer service representatives always do the following when dealing with Bahasa-speaking clients:


1.     Listen to customers


Before developing products, it’s important to know the pulse of your Indonesian or Malaysian customers because it guarantees support and loyalty to your brand. This assures them that your upgrades were based on their needs and meant to make their customer experience better. Also, this paves way for social engagement. This gives you an opportunity to establish a deeper connection with your clients through their feedback.


2.     Deliver the promised services


Every word you tell to your customers is valuable. It’s important not to disappoint them by breaking your promises. However, in unforeseen and uncontrollable situations that keep you from giving what was promised, you must give the next best thing. This means laying down your alternatives and allowing customers to take part in the decision-making process. What matters is that you keep the communication lines open to deliver a favorable replacement to what you failed to give, whether it’s a refund, replacement, or freebie.


3.     Anticipate your customers’ needs


Customers don’t always voice out their opinions. Even if companies provide an avenue for feedback, they don’t always spare time to make a report. So, it’s better to research on the profile of your target market and anticipate what they might need. Exceeding their expectations can always set you apart from competitors.


Ensuring you’re able to meet the demands of the customers is a surefire way to keep them. If not, competitors can easily sneak in and get them. These basic actions guarantee your clients a great customer experience that can make them stay with your brand.



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