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About Us

Bahasa Call Center is a leading provider of customer service and technical support solutions that are delivered in two languages: Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia. Based in one of the world’s outsourcing capitals, the Philippines, our company delivers world-class voice and non-voice services to businesses catering to Bahasa-speaking customers.

At present, we deliver Bahasa call center services using three channels: telephone, live chat, and email. We understand that the demand for Bahasa-based customer service continues to rise as more businesses grow and expand their operations to the Asian market, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia. We answer to this rising need by providing services that meet the global outsourcing standards.

Bahasa Call Center started in 2006 as a telemarketing firm based in San Carlos, California. Our American founders eventually transferred operations to the Philippines’ prime business district, Makati City. Since then, we have expanded our range of services to include bilingual call center services.

To ensure that our outsourcing clients become winners in customer support, we prioritize native speakers of Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia during recruitment. We also provide stringent language and cultural training to make sure that our Bahasa call center agents can effectively engage with your customers and assist them with their needs.

By outsourcing to Bahasa Call Center in the Philippines, you open your doors to the Indonesian and Malaysian markets. With services designed to meet the language needs of your customers, you are guaranteed with customer loyalty and trust. While we help you with your ancillary services, you can now focus more on your core functions, such as marketing and business expansion.